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Slow Brutal Unraveling

It's not "midlife Crisis" its a

"slow brutal unraveling"

Brene Brown recently had an interview with Tim Ferris and her words around "Midlife Crisis" were so revealing.

Its a hit the face when you get to the point in you start thinking, "Dang am I halfway through this life already?"

We all grew up experiencing at varying degrees trauma, disappointment hard stuff and at some point we armored up. At some point the amour doesn’t serve us. The weight of the armor is too heavy. Its not protecting you it keeping you from being seen and known by others.

This is the developmental milestone of midlife.

This is when the universe is coming down, pulls you close, puts her hand on your shoulders, and whispering in your ear “Im not mucking around, your halfway to dead.”

The amor is keeping you from growing into the gifts you’ve been given, that is not with out penalty, time is up.

This is what you see happen to people in midlife. Its not a crisis. It’s a slow brutal unraveling.

This is where everything we thought protected us, keeps us from being the partners, the parents, the professionals, the people we want to be.

The shield needs to go

Initially, this armor serves a purpose. It shields us from potential harm and shields our vulnerabilities from the world.

It becomes a defense mechanism, allowing us to navigate through life without feeling exposed or defenseless. However, as time goes on, we may come to realize that this armor has become burdensome.

The weight of our emotional defenses becomes too heavy to bear, weighing us down and preventing us from truly connecting with others.

How Coaching Helps

Have you been there? Have you felt these things?

What do you do if you are in this state?

This is where coaching helps. It take you from where you are., and helps you articulate where you need to go and helps bridge that gap

Coaching helps you find the old amour you are holding onto that you don’t need and get you to release it so you can be free and become the real you.

If you are interesting in this concept of self development then go to the homepage and answer some brief questions to see if some coaching could be a value for you.

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